Pasted GraphicSound is the first thing people realize, even before birth. Music speaks subconsciously to the emotions. For me too everything began with music. After studying music at university, I have been active as a professional musician and a sound engineer for classical labels DANTE, BELLA MUSICA, CRESCENDO, TELOS, HIGH DEFINITION CLASSICS, FINE CLASSIC, ARTE NOVA, among others

You can rely on 25 years of experience with audio recording engineering.
I use modern music production equipment on Macintosh computers. I use the most recent hardware and software that are normally used in the best professional studios worldwide, such as Digidesign, Lexicon, Neumann, STAX, TMA monitors with tube Pre Amps - ion tweeters, high-end technology for demanding productions with almost unlimited multi-track options.

Do not hesitate to ask for references and demo CDs produced, for example for the Berlin Philharmonics.

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