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Introducing the OKM technology made in Germany see with your ears and hear what you see

What is “ASMR” and what does it have to do with binaural audio recording?
ASMR stands for
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s that exciting feeling you get at the back of your neck or your scalp, that tends to crawl down your body when you see, hear, or otherwise experience something that “triggers” the response. Read more at Wikipedia here...
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There is a growing demand for higher-quality ASMR recordings,
OKM mikes are the perfect choice for ASMR, because they use the most original human ear to capture the authentic sound as realistic as possible. This is an advantage compared to other dummies as used by Neumann (KU 100) etc.

ASMR occurs naturally for many people in every day life, and if you know what type of situations trigger your response, you can also seek out stimuli to induce it voluntarily (assuming you enjoy the feeling, of course!). Note though, that triggers can vary greatly between people, and some people don’t experience ASMR at all.
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There are some interesting mikes available and recommended for ASMR recording, such as the nice interessting 3Dio, which has very good quality, no noise, good L<->R panorama, but the orientation of front and back is not satisfying, you can not differentiate front and back location good enough. Sound events taking place in front of the 3Dio seem to come from the back, and this has to do with the disadvantage of the 3Dio setup: the space between the two ears should be nearly the same as the distance between the two human ear drums to get perfect location of the direction the sound is coming from. AND you need more separation of left and right mike. Our face has a sometimes more or less bigger nose ;-), anyway it is important to get the separation of incoming sound waves to left or right ear. This running difference of arriving sound waves finally in our brain makes the difference of where to locate. We are used to it since our birth, babies learn exactly where mom is coming in (and bringing food). So if you are taking away any of these acoustic informations the result is getting worse. I love the compact 3Dio but listen to our atmosphere test here at the video and compare it to some 3Dio audio tests on Youtube.
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We prefer this Soundman dummy or our own ears - they are available for free :-)

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